Fuel Cell Integration

To create a world fit for the future, we must make mobility clean and sustainable while enabling movement of people and goods. Bottom line: the world needs advanced deployment of zero-emission vehicles.

Fuel cells have the potential to be that ideal power source for vehicles, planes, trains and ships as well as stationary power; a technology that is scalable, powering the smallest applications to the largest vehicles.  Not only do fuel cell powertrains boast zero emissions, the technology is extremely quiet, with few moving parts that create a comfortable driving experience, and it is suitable for running high utilization vehicles.    

Ricardo’s goal to make transportation cleaner and more efficient parallels our corporate legacy.  To extend that blueprint, Ricardo has implemented a strategic focus on hydrogen as fuel for this cleaner future. Hydrogen can be produced from 100% clean, green and renewable sources, it’s simple to store and transport and enables rapid refueling.

The Ricardo fuel cell team possesses more than 20 years of hydrogen fuel cell experience – from testing simple reformers and fuel cell stacks to full vehicle integration into a range of Class 8 trucks.  This capability features integrating fuel cell technologies to meet transportation needs across on-highway, off-highway, rail, marine, defense and aeronautical applications. Key challenges for system integration include system packaging, thermal management and balance of plant.

Ricardo is building a new 400kW hydrogen development facility, a flexible environment to test fuel cells and Balance of Plant (BoP) to:

  • Test large output systems up to 400kW
  • Verify fuel cell stack and system performance characteristics
  • Confirm overall system efficiency
  • Perform regulatory requirements confirmation and assessment
  • Develop and optimize BoP
  • And more…

Core Services:

  • Fuel cell vehicle system integration
  • Fuel cell system simulations support
  • Vehicle design optimization
  • Fuel cell system packaging
  • Thermal management of fuel cell and electric components
  • Sizing and selection of fuel cell systems for various applications
Overview: Hydrogen is a Long-Term Solution
Benefits over other fuels


Fuel Cell Application in Multiple Sectors
Hydrogen at scale
Sizing, Selection, Modeling and Sims
Air Cooling System Designs
Fuel Cell System Architecture
Clean Air Regs

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