Autonomous System Integration

Automated driving systems will alter our way of life. Eventually. This safer, more predictable driving will translate to massive reductions in traffic deaths and harmful emissions.  More parking will be available, insurance costs will drop, more personal time will become a reality and mobility will be available for people who don’t otherwise have access to transportation.

The challenge is … autonomous system development is expensive, onerous and complex. Current solutions are largely custom-built with little room for standardization and market competition to push technologies to reach scale and mass-market attainability.

Ricardo leverages its vast mobility, controls, software and development skill set to address these myriad issues.  We blend the best in technology innovation with an open-standards approach we’ve utilized in the rail and aerospace industries and the agility we’ve established in the tech sector.

Ricardo is the optimal partner to help customers deliver complex automated and autonomous solutions at scale. This confidence is derived from ample production design and validation familiarity that is bolstered by a deep understanding of technology and the associated roadmaps — from high performance compute and complex operating environments, through middleware and up to the application layer.

As a partner and extension of our customers, Ricardo has developed a reference, Service-Oriented Architecture known as “Elevate,” a standards-based starting point for developing next generation embedded systems.  Elevate removes dependencies on the underlying operating environment and hardware, ensures interoperability between vendor solutions and reduces system and integration complexity across the stack. The Elevate architecture provides original equipment manufacturers and Tier 1s with the solution-agnostic architectural guidance needed to accelerate development of differentiated solutions while ensuring platform reuse across vehicle programs. Beyond critical embedded system development, Ricardo supplies a solution-agnostic and comprehensive approach to autonomous system design, development and integration.  With proficiency across autonomous driving applications and systems, sensor and camera technologies, and the complexities of developing solutions that are fit for production scale, Ricardo delivers a technology roadmap and development guidance for the design, development and integration of the next generation connected, electrified and automated driving systems.

At a high level, we tackle:

  • Automated system architectural definition and full system integration expertise
  • Functional safety system decomposition and safety case development
  • Application and algorithm development
  • Mixed criticality system integration