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Ricardo North America Unveils Advanced Technology for Electrified, Connected and Automated Vehicles

Elevate—the Reference Service-Oriented Architecture Providing Certifiable, Reusable and Updatable Baseline for Embedded System Development

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SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (3/2/2021) – Ricardo North America has unveiled its reference Service-Oriented Architecture (Elevate), a standards-based starting point for developing next generation embedded systems.

Ricardo North America, a subsidiary of flagship Ricardo plc in England, takes a holistic approach to vehicle system design by leveraging expertise across traditional and advanced propulsion, software, intelligent connectivity and digital tools for designing the vehicles of tomorrow.

Ricardo’s Elevate removes dependencies on the underlying operating environment and hardware, ensures interoperability between vendor solutions and reduces system and integration complexity across the stack. The Elevate architecture was unveiled and demoed at 2021 Consumer Electronics Show by Madison White, who heads solutions and strategy for connected and autonomous vehicles at Ricardo North America.

“Elevate provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1s the solution- agnostic architectural guidance needed to accelerate their development of differentiated solutions while ensuring platform reuse across vehicle programs,” said White.

“As an industry we have struggled to take R&D developments to production scale, witnessing mass amounts of engineering waste across different programs, platform upgrades and hardware evolutions. Our goal is to deliver a standards-based starting-point that provides the flexibility and interoperability needed to accelerate development and production scale deployment of next generation embedded systems.”

To showcase its functionality, Ricardo enabled auto pilot driving functionality by exercising Ricardo’s real-time photogrammetry application within the Elevate architecture. Leveraging the output from two infrared cameras and two RGB cameras, Ricardo’s real-time photogrammetry solution generates three dimensional images of the surrounding environment, enabling seamless viewing and navigation of obstacles in both day and night, in 3D, without radar or lidar and on production grade hardware.

White said Ricardo is integrating operating environments, middleware solutions and applications from various vendors to ensure interoperability between suppliers, enabling applications like Ricardo’s real-time photogrammetry to be deployed seamlessly across compatible platforms.

“We are seeing an accelerated rate of change driven by the convergence of electrification and software, which will enable a new world of cleaner and more efficient mobility solutions,” White said. “Ricardo’s Elevate architecture and system integration expertise deliver the baseline starting point for our customers’ development to take this vision to a production scale reality.”

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