Heavy Duty Trucking

We are a nation of movement.  People, goods and dreams roll across America’s roadways, connecting our lives from one edge of the continent to the other. There are no early exits for this industry, which will remain a critical component of U.S. commerce and our connected society for decades to come. 

It is imperative for U.S. industries to have access to smarter transport solutions for the roadways of tomorrow. At Ricardo, our engineers envision a future with cleaner, more energy-efficient designs for heavy trucking by developing solutions that include:

  • Low and no carbon fuels
    • Electric Drive
    • Thermal Management
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Integration
    • Drive System controls
    • Automated and Autonomous drive
    • Platooning

Ricardo engineers have been at the forefront of innovation, focused on creating a blueprint that makes our solutions scalable for North America and beyond.