Ricardo has been delivering cleaner solutions to the defense industry since World War I. (Limiting black smoke emissions made tanks harder to detect by the enemy). Today, our team is ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), designing, engineering and producing resources that are focused on enabling the next generation of battlefield vehicles to be smarter, more performant and, of course, cleaner. 

Key service areas center around leveraging faster, more robust development for the defense industry by utilizing smarter tools and more real-world data to quicken the time from concept to vehicle delivery –  while reducing the cost of testing and system validation.

Core services:

  • Software and controls development
  • Design, simulation and analysis tools
  • Reverse engineering
  • Powertrain system design, development and integration
  • Autonomous systems
  • Electrification (battery, motor, power electronics)
  • Thermal management
  • Vehicle integration
  • Sustainment and transition management