Ricardo, an industry leader in critical, complex and future focused rail systems, boasts a team of strategic consultants armed with an intimate understanding of all aspects of rail – from operations and regulations to commercialization and advanced concepts.

The Ricardo team balances a broad knowledge of mobility and mobility technologies with unique rail industry insights to produce faster, more cost- and energy-efficient deployments that fulfill the quest for a sustainable transportation future and a low-carbon economy.

Core services:

  • Assurance
  • System Engineering
  • Design, simulation and analysis
  • Asset optimization
  • Advanced propulsion concepts
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Vision Systems
  • De-carbonization
  • Data and analytics

Performance Products

Q What do most of the world’s premier high-performing super cars and the fastest vehicles in auto racing have in common? 

A They have been influenced by Ricardo engineering and product development.

Many engineering consultancies can generate concepts, but few have delivered their concepts lineside to production vehicles at scale like Ricardo. Specifically, our team focuses on critical, ultra-performant, high-precision applications, where unearthing sustainable and repeatable supply is extremely challenging.  Our crew of advanced manufacturing and industrialization engineers and operators can deliver solutions from design to series production in volumes up to 5,000 units per year and applications ranging from component to full vehicle integration.

Core Services:

  • Supplier selection
  • Supplier management
  • Quality engineering
  • Quality assurance
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Assembly site selection and industrialization
  • Production
  • End-of-line verification


Ricardo has been delivering cleaner solutions to the defense industry since World War I. (Limiting black smoke emissions made tanks harder to detect by the enemy). Today, our team is ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations), designing, engineering and producing resources that are focused on enabling the next generation of battlefield vehicles to be smarter, more performant and, of course, cleaner. 

Key service areas center around leveraging faster, more robust development for the defense industry by utilizing smarter tools and more real-world data to quicken the time from concept to vehicle delivery –  while reducing the cost of testing and system validation.

Core services:

  • Software and controls development
  • Design, simulation and analysis tools
  • Reverse engineering
  • Powertrain system design, development and integration
  • Autonomous systems
  • Electrification (battery, motor, power electronics)
  • Thermal management
  • Vehicle integration
  • Sustainment and transition management

Motorcycles and Powersports

Ricardo has been a partner to the motorcycle industry since the 1920s … and has been a focused, dedicated resource since 1992.  Through the years, Ricardo has delivered hundreds of programs for more than 70 motorcycle and powersports clients.  Our engagements range from engine, transmission, driveline, vehicle integration and controls to advanced software and functional safety.

Motorcycle-specific engineering experts:

  • Turn-key vehicle project capabilities
  • Exhaust emissions (EU5 + worldwide)
  • Strategic consulting
  • Vehicle benchmarking
  • Cost down and supplier optimization studies
  • Alternative propulsion and driveline development
  • OBD and calibration
  • Design for manufacturing

Powertrain (includes engine, transmission, driveline, intake, exhaust):

  • Design, analysis and simulation
  • Development (combustion, performance, emissions, calibration)
  • NVH and mechanical development
  • Production support
  • Control and electronics (HW and SW)

Vehicle (includes styling, body, chassis, electrical):

  • Design, analysis and simulation
  • Development (ergonomics, dynamics, mechanical, electrical)
  • Production sourcing and cost optimization
  • Control and electronics (HW and SW)


There are few industries where every increment of gained efficiency is more critical than in off-highway vehicles. Ricardo offers a diverse complement of services and solutions that are positioned to meet the off-highway industry at the corner of innovation and scale, including:

  • Heavy-duty engine and transmission testing for both internal combustion and electrified vehicle systems
  • Market-leading, innovative controls software team that supports everything from powertrain controls and calibration to artificial intelligence application and algorithm development

Heavy Duty Trucking

We are a nation of movement.  People, goods and dreams roll across America’s roadways, connecting our lives from one edge of the continent to the other. There are no early exits for this industry, which will remain a critical component of U.S. commerce and our connected society for decades to come. 

It is imperative for U.S. industries to have access to smarter transport solutions for the roadways of tomorrow. At Ricardo, our engineers envision a future with cleaner, more energy-efficient designs for heavy trucking by developing solutions that include:

  • Low and no carbon fuels
    • Electric Drive
    • Thermal Management
    • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Integration
    • Drive System controls
    • Automated and Autonomous drive
    • Platooning

Ricardo engineers have been at the forefront of innovation, focused on creating a blueprint that makes our solutions scalable for North America and beyond.


The cross-pollination of ideas between aerospace and terrestrial transport may not be a new concept, but it is certainly more relevant today than ever before.  At Ricardo, our engineering teams extend innovation across transport sectors to deliver best-in-class solutions to market faster while maximizing cost efficiency. 

Our staff of ITAR compliant engineers, scientists and designers have delivered innovations ranging from ground-breaking mechanical solutions, to novel powertrain and power distribution solutions.  As we seek a cleaner propulsion future, this breadth of experience continues as our foundation for developing and integrating electric, hybrid, and fuel cell solutions as well as advanced model-based design, system monitoring software and analytics.