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Investment & Environment

Environment, Energy and Investment

The realization of clean mobility lies beyond advancements in technology alone. The panelists discuss how the global environmental impact awareness is driving new forward-thinking policies, the challenges and requirements for OEMs and supply chain in technology advancement and cooperation, and the investment required to bring the vision of efficient mobility to production scale reality.

Ecosystem & Investment

No one company can fund, design, develop, and deploy the next generation connected, electrified and autonomous vehicles of tomorrow on their own. The panelists discuss the importance and criticality of supply chain cooperation, joint funding, and knowledge sharing across verticals to accelerate the deployment of cleaner and sustainable mobility solutions.

Evolution of Propulsion

We are witnessing accelerated innovations for alternative propulsion; from traditional ICE, to electrified and fuel cell. The panelists discuss the impact of new policies and net-zero emissions targets, required technology advancements, and the challenges in deploying clean propulsion solutions at production scale.

Software & Autonomy

The age of the software defined vehicle is upon us, but we still have much to accomplish. The panelists discuss the impact of connectivity, electrification, and the development of L3+ autonomy on embedded systems architectures. The focus is on the challenges in architecting, integrating, and deploying certifiable, reusable, and updatable embedded systems for next generation connected, electrified, and autonomous vehicles.

Digitization of Product Development

The convergence in advanced simulation, data activation, and connectivity is driving enhancements across the entire vehicle lifecycle. The panelists discuss the broad spectrum of technology advancements and challenges in enabling the digitization of vehicle design, development, manufacturing and enhanced operation.