Ricardo North America partnered with Automotive News to sponsor a pair of events at the virtual Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday, Jan. 14.

Titled “The Future of Mobility: Get Up to Speed,” experts in automotive, mobility, technology, telecom and the public sector shared their perspectives regarding how the transportation of people and goods is undergoing immense change.

Madison White, who directs Ricardo’s automotive digital transformation, joined a collection of other experts for “Consumers & the Digitization of Manufacturing,” focusing on industry 4.0 technologies that are creating disruption and opportunity for automakers. Ricardo President Marques McCammon headed a panel titled “Movement of Goods (Logistics) Driving the Future of AVs” that explored the advantages, opportunities and realities of automated transport.

Conference Videos

In the Driver’s Seat

Ricardo North America President Marques McCammon joined Automotive News Publisher Jason Stein “In the Driver’s Seat” at CES to chat about the changing automotive industry.